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Brand: Applied Nutrition Model: Bullet Shaker
Applied Nutrition Bullet Shaker 500mlApplied Nutrition's bullet shaker is perfect for easy and smooth mixing. No batteries are needed and is perfect for mixing soft fruits for your favourite smoothie.The bullet shape means that ZERO mixture gets stuck, resulting in a silky smooth shake every t..
15.00 лв.
Ex Tax:15.00 лв.
Brand: Applied Nutrition Model: Applied - Sports Water Bottle
17.00 лв.
Ex Tax:17.00 лв.
Brand: SmartShake Model: SmartShake - Original2Go One 800 ml - Grey Blue
Description: Silent mixing The mixer net snaps into place and stays tight. No rattling or loose parts. No lumps Bring on your eggs and pancakes. This mixer challenges any lumps. Leak proof No worries. Shake you favorite berries or supplements like you just don't care Specifications C..
22.00 лв.
Ex Tax:22.00 лв.
Brand: SmartShake Model: SmartShake - Phil Heath Signature
Description: Phil Heath: 4 x Mr Olympia Champion ”I truly feel SmartShake’s design makes it the best shaker around. Its multiple compartments keep me organized. Now I don’t need to carry any extra powders and vitamins in plastic bags or tubs, which is awesome! I’m so excited I have one because..
27.00 лв.
Ex Tax:27.00 лв.
Brand: SmartShake Model: SmartShake - Revive 750 ml - Pixel Blue
Description: A new star is born! The Smartshake Revive is the next generation of water bottles, it is easy to carry and hold thanks to the soft loop handle. It comes with the unique Fruit Infuser v2 that mixes fruits and berries with water for a delicious and healthy fruit water. Fruit Infuser v..
24.00 лв.
Ex Tax:24.00 лв.
Brand: SmartShake Model: SmartShake - Whey2Go Funnel
Unscrew the bottom to fill with supplementsOpen the top and use as a funnel to unloadLeak-proof seal keeps content safe during the dayClip the carabiner to your bag easy accessWill store up to 2 servingsBPA and DEHP FreeCarry supplements the Smart waySometimes bigger isn’t better. Whey2Go is the sma..
12.00 лв.
Ex Tax:12.00 лв.
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